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Why use Getscope?

Because Getscope is the easiest way to manage your projects and your teams, hit your deadlines, and reach your project goals.

See where work stands in a flash, identify the next steps, and quickly take action to stay on track and make sure you hit your deadline.

Working on projects is more fun together. So let's share, join forces and learn from each other. You grow faster together, individually, and as a team.

Getscope is made for every project and every project team!

View below for which use cases Getscope is suitable.

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For Marketing teams and Creative Agency's

With Getscope you manage all your projects and campaigns in one overview.

Keep track on your hours and create stunning reports to share with your clients.

Choose a methodology that best suits your campaign and get started.

Work together with your team and your clients in one environment and ensure the best project result.

Getscope is accessible and intuitive and suitable for any project!

For IT company's & software development teams

Collaborating has never been this easy.
No more project breakdowns due to miscommunications.
Getscope is the Project Management Tool to help you finish your project within time, budget and scope.

Project management tool for every Project Manager and every Project

Requests that are out of scope.
Running out of time. Running out of money?

Not with Getscope, the one-in-all project management tool that will help you grow.

Scale your Startup with Getscope.

If you want to scale your business, you can’t be confused about processes.
You need to minimize your costs and maximize your output.

You can do that with Getscope.

Sprint to successful agile projects with Getscope.

Imagine a project that just runs smoothly from beginning to end. Every team member knows what to do and when. You nail your deadlines while staying within budget.

Scope creep? Not today, or any day! You start every project knowing that you won’t be stressed out by project management mishaps.