Why Getscope Consultancy?

At Getscope consultancy, you as a customer get a solid expert who ensures a tight clear project organization, helps with setting up the processes and setting up the tooling.

In addition, our expert has years of experience in the field:

  • Of setting up and setting up a project organization.
  • The design and setting up of project work.
  • Project management methods.
  • Project tooling.
  • Process design for the project organization and project work.


What are the benefits to you and your business?

Better division of labor and mutual communication in your organization.

More stable project teams with more peace of mind.

Get a better grip on your projects.

Meeting project deadlines.

Reduced project costs incurred when deadlines are missed.

Fewer meetings: In Getscope you can see the current status of the project, reducing the frequency of meetings. And thus more time is left for other things.

How are we going to do it?

Step 1 – Scan organization.
We do this by interviewing your employees. The goal is to get an up-to-date picture of the status of the organization, the processes, the project organization and any tooling you are using.

Step 2 – Plan of approach.
The interviews are worked out in a plan of approach and this plan of approach will be presented to the key (users) and management.

Step 3 – Workshop
Based on the results of the action plan one or more workshops will be organized. The topics will be determined in consultation.

Step 4 – Support
Getscope provides online and offline support throughout the project based on your needs.

Step 5 – Additional workshop
If desired we can provide additional workshops. As a refresher workshop or additional workshops.

Step 6 – Evaluation
After some time (depending on the lead time) we will evaluate with you.

Step 7 – Extensive reporting
Finally we deliver a report, including recommendations for the future.

What will it cost you?

In consultation with you, we determine if we will go through all 7 steps or less, or maybe more.

Based on this, we will calculate with you how many hours we need for this.

Based on our experience, the entire course is approximately +/- 40 hours however by mutual agreement it can be more or less.

We work on the basis of a fixed price agreement and in combination with a subscription to Getscope you will receive an additional discount.

The range for this entire course is between €2500 - €5000 euro. This is a one-time fee which, once everything is set up and in place, is usually quickly recouped.

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