Do you suffer from untidy projects

We not only help you set up your project organisation but also manage your projects and set up your project tool.


Stop plodding along and let Getscope help you!

Why Getscope Consultancy?

Can you no longer keep up with the growth of your company?

And do you notice this in (among other things) your project management? Maybe through a tool with so many functionalities that you can no longer see the wood for the trees. Or when you’re still trying to keep track of everything in Excel or Word.

Whatever the reason might be: we’re here to help you – with consultancy. Our expert will help you clarify your project organization, as well as set up streamlined processes within the organization. This way, you’ll have plenty of room to grow.

We’re gonna help you with:

  • Setting up a project.
  • Set up your Getscope for project tooling.
  • Application of various project management tools.
  • Designing a streamlined process.
  • Online and offline support during the entire project.

And this is what it will bring you:

Happy teams

Better division of labor strong, two-way communication within the company

More peace of mind thanks to stable projects

More control over your projects

Deadlines are now met, despite their size

Fewer meetings: In Getscope you can see the current status of the project, which reduces the frequency of meetings. This leaves more time for other things.

Lower project costs through increased efficiency

Our working method

Are you ready to get your business processes in order again? Then we’ll take the following steps together:

Step 1 – Interviews with staff
To get a good view of your company, the processes and the project organization, we will first interview the employees.

Step 2 – Plan of action
Based on the interviews, we’ll draw up an action plan. We then put this into a presentation for the users and management.

Step 3 – Workshop
Agreed? Then it is time for one or more workshops: this way all employees are up to date with the latest changes. It is also possible to give another workshop in a later stage.

Step 4 – Evaluation
After a number of weeks, depending on the lead time, we will evaluate the process with you. What went well, and what could be even better?

Step 5 – Extensive reporting
After completing the process, you’ll receive an extensive report about the whole process. It also contains recommendations for the future to make your business processes even simpler and faster.

What will it cost you?

We work with an all inclusive fixed price agreement that we draw up in consultation with you. This includes a subscription to Getscope for one year.

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