Your project in a Gantt Chart Board

Collaborate with your team and your customers in one conveniently arranged Gantt Chart planning tool.


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Gantt Chart? What's that?

If you swear by using spreadsheets, it is also possible to make a Gantt Chart in Getscope. You can see everything clearly at a glance and there are smart features for collaborating with your customers and your team. The spreadsheets you are used to, but now with turbo power.

A Gantt Chart – also called a Waterfall – is an overview consisting of different rows that represent the different phases of your project. The Gantt Chart planning toolshows you at a glance what the project status is and allows you to distribute resources efficiently. You can also work together in your Gantt Chart using Getscope. Under the Tasks menu item, you can invite team members and assign them to specific lists. This allows you to work together with your team in the same Gantt Chart.

Use a Waterfall project in Getscope to easily divide the project tasks into different chapters. And use the planning function in Getscope to clearly read the status of all your active projects in a Gantt Chart.

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