Project Methods For every project

For every project

Within Getscope, you are not necessarily tied to one project methodology. The best part is that you can start your idea small, and as your idea and your team grow, you can switch to a method that suits the project and the phase you are in.

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Getscope - Workflows - Basic

Basic Boards

Work together with your clients and team in one-handy-nice-board. Add your work, assign the taks and everything is setup for maximum productivity.

To Do list

Do you need more Board, check out this one. We have defined a preset board for you. Where you have miltiple envrioments to have more overview and create maximum output for your projects. And in the end, to make your clients happy.

Getscope - Workflows - To do lists
Getscope - Workflows - Kanban


Create visual overview to plan your campaigns, manage your digital assets, or to make your content planning visual. We have a Gantt Chart functionality for you. Where you can not only make your planning visual, but also work together with your clients and team. Easy as that.

Scrum Sprints

Yes Scrum. The little nephew of Agile and the sister of Kanban. We do have it all for you. Want to work in an Agile way with your team and clients and deliver something at the end of the sprint. Check out our pre-defined Scrum enviroment we have for you.

Getscope - Workflows - Scrum
Getscope - Workflows - Gantt chart

Gantt Chart with Task Collab

And for your small, in-between campaigns or prjojects. We also have something for you. Our ToDo lists help you create an overview and collaborate with your team. Start small, grow big.


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