Smart project teams, love smart project tools

Not every start-up or well established company is able to choose one method.
With GETSCOPE you don’t need to choose.
Here are some benefits to make your decision easier!

Easy switching

Switching tools should be easy. With GETSCOPE, you can easily switch from other tools like Trello and Jira to GETSCOPE. Hassle free of course, without losing important data

Get in control

With GETSCOPE, you’ll get notified by our smart activity feed. So you are in control of your project, 24/7.

Track your progress

GETSCOPE provides you real-time insights about your progress. In this way GETSCOPE eliminates the need for status update and unnecessary meetings.
Reporting has never been that easy.

Keep customers aligned

Add customers to your projects, give them access to specific data and get feedback fast.
There’s no better way to keep customers aligned and make them happy.

And much more...

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The first project management tool that makes you feel good

Whatever your next project will be: GETSCOPE will let you manage your projects in one, easy- to-use platform.

Of course you need a project management tool!

GETSCOPE lets you start and finish your project in a smart and easy way, telling you exactly what you need to know.


With GETSCOPE, you will always know what to do next


User stories
Create fantastic userstories and assign them to your team members


Easy overview of all the stuff that needs to be done


Kanban board
See where your team stands in a glance (and if you're not in a scrum mood)


Sprint planning
Manage your sprints the way you want it


Hour registration
Track and manage the hours of your team members


See how your project and team is performing


Export / Import
Easily export and import in GETSCOPE from other platforms


Gantt Charts
For all your waterfall projects detail planning


Resource management
See who's in your team and what they're doing