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Why I started GETSCOPE

Founder Guido Schilperoort: "In practice it appears that most of the project management tools that I have worked with over the past 12 years, are too light and too flexible or too heavy and therefore difficult to use. With GETSCOPE we release a project management tool that is suitable for various branches and organisations, intuitive and user-friendly, but above all based on experience and proven project methods.

Our team

Team GETSCOPE exists out of a multidisciplinary team. Together we have brought in our knowledge with the aim to create a product that allows you to easily manage your project(s), can scale with your company and at the same time still look nice.

Have fun and happy scoping.

Amsterdam 2018

Our mission

Is to make project management a lot more fun and easier. We do this by optimizing your user experience with GETSCOPE. In the end you have more time left, no need to get stressed out, besides that you keep an overview on everything that needs to be done.


Is that most project management tools are naturally a bit boring. This is because these tools mainly focus on a specific target group or on a specific problem but lose sight of the user experience. The result is a tool with a huge number of functionalities in which the user quickly gets lost. Recent research by the consultancy firm PWC has shown that if you use professional project management software, the chances are that your performance will be increased and that you will work a lot more efficiently. We try to delight our users with every interaction by using visuals, animations and actually try to help them with insights and advice.

Our Company

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