Our story

This is how we started, what our goals are, and where we want to go

We want every team to live up to its full potential

Most of the time, the process gets in the way of your team reaching its full potential. And that makes it a frustrating experience. Nobody likes setbacks! And we get that. Because we were once as frustrated as you are now with the project tools we were using. They seemed to make our life harder instead of easier. They promised we could automate our project management process, but all we got was more work, more confusion, more frustration.

So, we developed Getscope to make project management easier and more efficient. Because we believe that a project tool should work for you. It shouldn’t be work.

Most project management tools focus on a specific target group or a specific problem. This does not work for interdisciplinary teams. With Getscope, you can work across disciplines and choose between methodologies.

Getscope CEO Guido Schilperoort: “Most project management tools that I have worked with over the past 15 years are either too light and flexible or too heavy and difficult to use. Getscope is a tool that can be used in various branches and organizations. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, but above all, it’s based on experience and proven project management methods.”

So, when will you get scope?

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create happy project teams. Our Vision is to create intuitive project tools that bring fun, ease, and growth.

Your projects are only as successful as your project tool allows for

That’s why we developed Getscope

Aren’t team projects the best thing in the world? We really love doing them. Project tools however… Well, let’s just say we don’t love them as much as we would want to. And that’s exactly why we developed Getscope.

We feel that every team deserves to experience only the fun side of team projects. You know, when your team is perfectly attuned. You’re bouncing ideas off each other. Creating new things. You get into that flow together.

And you feel at your best when your project tool just rolls like a well-oiled machine. It almost makes you feel invincible. Like you can take on every project in the world.

Our story

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"Did you know? Research conducted by consultancy firm PWC shows that professional project management tools increase performance and efficiency