Project Management tool for every Marketing Agency and Creative Team

There’s no better feeling than celebrating an excellently executed team project.

Never be frustrated again by miscommunication, unnecessary meetings, unmet deadlines, or out-of-scope requests.

Instead, make every project a celebration.

We have all you need to finish your team project within time, budget, and scope.

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Take control over your creative freedom with Getscope

Work Agile with our preset structure. It doesn’t get easier than this

Whether you want to set up a Kanban or Scrum project, you just need to set up your sprints and marketing goals, create your tasks, and get started in our present structure.

Create Gantt Charts in minutes

If Agile is not for your project or if your customer has less experience with it, then choose our Gantt chart methodology. Create a clear Gantt chart in minutes and share it with your team and your customer.

Keep track of your team hours. Never go over budget or deadlines again

To keep an eye on the progress of your project or campaign, we have built a simple and clear timesheet registration for you. You can also connect our timesheet registration to your own billing system through our available API.

Monitor your project progress. To keep your projects organized and fun

To keep track of costs, workload and available hours, among other things. We have built a number of reports for you that will give you, your team members, and clients quick and easy insight into your projects or campaigns.