Scale your Startup with Getscope.

Imagine walking into a store and seeing your product. How does it feel? You’re probably filled with pride and happiness.

Seeing your product in the flesh makes you forget about all the hard work that went into developing your product.

So, how do you get there? Right now, you’re probably MacGyvering your way through the initial phase of your Startup.

Solving problems on the go while constantly stressing about your finances.

What would really help you is a tool that keeps an overview of your progress and that streamlines your process.

We have a solution for you. And guess what? It’s free.

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Why Startups love to work with Getscope?

Quickly realize functionalities and test them with your target group

As a startup you want to achieve maximum results in a short time. You may be working towards an MVP and want to minimize your time-to-market.

The best way to get fast results is to work Agile. This allows you to realize functionalities by working in short iterative sprints that you can eventually test with your target group.

If you want to work Agile, you can choose to set up a Kanban or Scrum project within Getscope.

We've set up the whole structure for you, all you need to do is set up your sprints and your product goals, create your tasks and get started.

Create easy Gantt Charts

If your team is to small or Agile is not your cup of tea, or not the right fit for your product then choose our Gantt chart methodology. Create a clear Gantt chart in minutes for the design, production and testing phase of your product and get going.

Keep track on your team hours

To keep an eye on your startup budget we have built a simple and clear timesheet registration for you. You can also connect our timesheet registration to your own billing system through our available API.

Monitor your Project progress

To keep track of costs, workload and available hours, among other things. We have built a number of reports for you that will give you and your team quick and easy insight into your project and progress.